Offering top quality cassava derivatives to food companies and household consumers while enhancing the cassava value chain.

Our Vision

To offer top quality cassava derivatives to food companies and household consumers while transforming small holder farmers into commercial farmers in the process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate, process and supply cassava derivatives to food companies and household consumers in a sustainable, affordable and consistent way.

Our Core Values

Our business approach is based on our three core values which are:

Consistency, Simplicity and Responsibility.

Our Products

Innova Garri (White and Yellow)

Innova garri is a starchy food, rich  in fiber, copper and magnesium. Has an excellent taste when eaten as flakes with honey, milk and peanuts.

Innova Cassava Flour

Our gluten-free, grain-free, and allergy free innova cassava flour is a cost-effective alternative to wheat in the production of bread.

Innova Cassava Starch

Innova cassava starch is a white fine powder. It is used as a raw material in food and beverages, drinks, and confectioneries. It is 100% organic.

Innova Sorbitol Sweetener

Innova cassava-based sorbitol is a sweetener created by hydrogenation, refining, and concentrating pure glucose. 100% healthy and safe.

Our Services

Cooperatives Scheme

The main objective of the Innova cooperatives scheme is to ensure availability of raw materials year round for efficient consistent production. This scheme support farmers to cultivate on their land with maximum support from Innova Visionars Ltd through capacity building, provision of inputs such as herbicides, fertilizer, stems, tractor service, and other inputs necessary for their production.

Agribusiness Training

We train our farmers and other agribusiness on new innovations evolving in the Agricultural sector through theory and practical demonstration using small group approaches. Training modules focus on Good Agronomic practices, Group dynamics, Record keeping, Seed multiplication and post-harvest management, entrepreneur and business management among many others

Business Consultations

We offer general consultation for all businesses. If you need land, starting a farm, looking for farm loans, equipment and machines.  Contact Innova Visionars Limited

If you need land, starting a farm, looking for farm loans, equipment and machines, Contact Innova Visionars Limited for professional and prompt service delivery.

We enhance the cassava value chain

 Innova visionars Limited is a cassava cultivation and processing company in Africa, with head quarter in Yaounde,  Cameroon. The company was established in 2023 to enhance the cassava value chain by redefining cassava cultivation and processing that enables a consistent supply of high-quality industrial cassava derivatives, including sorbitol syrup (innova sorbitol), superior quality garri (innova garri), superior quality cassava flour (Innova flour), superior quality cassava starch (innova starch), to our clients in the food and beverages sectors, pharmaceutical, personal care and household consumers.

“Working with Innova Visionars Limited has really improved my idea of agribusiness and i am now skilled enough to grow my small agricultural business. They are also very professional.”

Wade Warren, Gardener.

Why Choose Us

Customer Service

Innova visionars Limited promises its customers quality products for the best price. Our understanding of product quality includes consumer safety, health and well-being and product sustainability. We want to enable consumers to make informed choices. We strive to reduce or avoid any negative impacts of our products and operations and to maximize their positive attributes and benefits.

Responsibility is one of a values and shows our commitment towards our people, customers, partners and the environment. It also includes principles such as fairness, honesty, openness, service orientation and friendliness.

Unique Business Model

Innova Visionars Ltd. has an inclusive operational model where small holder farmers are at the forefront. We take pride in offering top quality products as well as transforming smallholder farmers into commercial farmers with maximum benefits.

Our three core values are consistency, simplicity and responsibility. Consistency leads to reliability. We mean what we say. We are consistent in our dealings with people, product, price and all other aspects of our day-to-day professional life. Simplicity creates efficiency, clarity and clear orientation within our organization as well as for our customers.

Food Safety Policy

We are committed to Production, Packaging, Sales and distribution of Edible Cassava derivatives that meets local and international regulatory standards in order to fulfill consumer food safety requirements using the most appropriate food grade production facilities under hygienic environment with competent employees and maintaining effective communication with stakeholders on food safety issues. This food safety policy is supported by measurable objectives that are implemented, maintained and continually reviewed at every management review meeting for suitability, effectiveness and continues.

Our Team

innova visionars Limited takes pride in her dedicated management team with a competent and diligent workforce. We have a talent pool of individuals with skills in various fields necessary for the company’s operations and growth, including agronomist, food safety, food technology,Agricultural engineering, agric business, biochemistry, microbiology, human resource management, finance and accounting, and other related fields.


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